Letter to my Team About Kickstarter

[The official Kickstarter for Habitat is starting in less than 48 hours. I wrote the following letter to my team about how we’ll go about connecting with our initial backers, and thought it summed up what I believe about Kickstarter, our community, and our journey so far.]

Okay, fair warning: this is going to be weird. And I’m making my own shitty clipart with a webcam to break up this mail. But I want you to read this carefully. All of it. Please. This is our future here.


Kickstarter projects share an important stat, as I learned from a post on LinkedIn:

“Solo backers make up over 70% of the pledges. In a bit of a simplification, I take this to mean you can’t expect the Kickstarter community to provide more than about 30% of your pledges. The rest come from your own contacts and promotional efforts.”

Our own contacts and promotional efforts, says the guy. And he’s right. And, this is good news for us. One of the largest benefits to being embedded in the industry as we have been is that network of contacts. We are not unknowns; we have the contacts.


But those contacts will only support us if we ask them to. We need to ask, we need to rise to the top of the inbox because every one of our contacts is busy, overwhelmed, overloaded. They have a million jobs to do, people to satisfy, fires to fight and crises to manage because that’s life. In this crazy world, people are only going to respond if they feel an emotional connection to what you’re doing, what you’re building, and showing them that connection is your responsibility.

So, as we prepare to launch the Kickstarter, I want you to get ready to mail the people you trust, who trust you, who want to see you succeed and love what you do.

You all have these people – they’re your personal backers, your cheerleaders, your friend groups, gaming groups, your mentors and fellow dreamers and believers in who you are, what you’ve created in the past and what you’re doing right now.

And understand: they want to hear from you, they want to know you’re doing well, they want to know that there’s momentum and excitement and energy and a future in what you’re building. Because we care for one another. With that in mind, I want you to begin crafting what you’re going to say to them.


It doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be overly detailed. But it does have to come from you, and be true to who you are and what you’re doing.

Another bit of wisdom in the numbers:

“The current success rate for Kickstarter projects is 43.5. 81% of the failed projects ended at 20% of goal or less. Only 6.8% of projects that fail, do so with over 41% of goal.”

What this means is we need to push like crazy to make that first 20%, then again to make that 40%. I think we stand a good chance of doing it, but only if we call in every favor, every helping hand, every person that believes in us.

So when our Kickstarter launches at 10 AM PDT on April 2nd – and that’s less than 43 hours away at this point, I hope you’ve set your alarm – I need you to start mailing.


Yes, it’s annoying to have to do. It can even feel embarrassing. But these numbers don’t lie. Kickstarter is about the people who believe, enough to open their wallets for the games – and more importantly, the people – that they love.

It’s not begging. It’s not guilting. It’s inspiring these people to take action to help us realize what we’ve already worked so hard to attain. Ultimately you won’t be able to change people’s minds; what you will do is let them know you’re here, you’re making a stand, building something you love and inviting them to join us.

Obviously you won’t be able to get to everybody all at once, but this 30-day marathon is made up of small sprints, and this first sprint – the first 72 hours – is critical to establishing a momentum and infectious energy that will help people we don’t know believe and trust that what we are doing is legitimate.

That trust starts with people who trust us saying so, and backing that up with a pledge.


(I had limited resources, this is a handshake with a backer alright? :))

So get ready to reach out to them. Your personal backers – the people that believe in you – will not be upset to hear from you. I promise. They want you to succeed, and they’ll help however they can. If not in pledges, then in sharing your story with others who can pledge.

We have an incredible story to tell. And after GDC and all the excitement our game generated I know it’s only going to get more amazing. The time has come to tell the story of us so far, and like my favorite Muppet CEO, get this first round of backers on our Electric Mayhem tour bus to Hollywood.

Just like Kermit, we’re on a mission to make people happy. Let’s start with the ones closest to home, and they will help us reach the next step. Please get started on readying your mails and lists of contacts, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

I’m thrilled to be starting this journey with you. In less than 48 hours, we’re going to start building our family of people who want to take this amazing journey with us, starting with the lovers, the dreamers…

And you.

Get ready.


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