About Me

Games producer, coder, designer, and educator, and now founder of his own game studio 4gency – and the designer of Habitat.

A worldwide reach of millions of game developers. Head of AAA strike teams for PS3, developer education for Xbox, and agile micro-studios for mobile.

My mission: help games become the primary transformative agent of our culture for this generation and next.

Professional Portfolio

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Title Date Company Role
SWAT 3: Elite Edition [PC] 2001 Sierra Studios Tech. Writer
SWAT 3: Game of the Year [PC] 2002 Sierra Studios Tech. Writer
SWAT: Urban Justice [Canceled] 2003 Sierra Studios Software Engineer
Counter-Strike [Xbox] 2003 Volt/Microsoft Tech. Writer
Unreal Championship 2 [Xbox] 2004 Volt/Microsoft Plot Consultant
Phantom Dust [Xbox] 2004 Volt/Microsoft Design Consultant
DirectX 9.0c [PC] 2006 Microsoft SDK Writer
XNA Game Studio [Xbox 360] 2007 Microsoft SDK Writer
XNA Creators Club [Xbox 360] 2008 Microsoft Community Mgr.
MAG [PS3] 2010 Zipper Int. Additional Design
SOCOM 4 [PS3] 2010 Zipper Int. Tech. Designer
Create Games for Windows Phone 2010 Microsoft Educational Manager
Windows Phone @ Gamefest 2011 Microsoft Track Coordinator
Microsoft @ GDC 2012 Microsoft Event Coordinator
Node.Hack 2012 4gency CEO/Founder
Armored Drive 2012 4gency CEO/Founder
Xbox One Developer Launch 2013 Microsoft Education Manager
Habitat 2014 4gency CEO/Founder
“Waterfront” Documentation System 2015 HBO Tech Writer/Architect
HBO GO Desktop + Mobile Refresh 2016 HBO Program Manager
Westworld VR Experience 2016 HBO Additional Production
HBO GO VR for Google Daydream 2017 HBO Program Manager

Speaking Engagements

Location Date Details Link
XNA European Tour 2007 IE/IT/BE/FI/SE/AT/DK
Game Developers Conference 2007 XNA Hands-On Labs
XNA University Workshops 2007 SU/WWU/WSU/OSU
Game Developers Conference 2008 XNA AI Challenge The Finals
Casual Connect Seattle 2011 Windows Phone Development View It
Microsoft Gamefest 2011 Windows Phone Development Agenda
//BUILD Windows 2011 Windows Phone Development View It
Casual Connect San Francisco 2013 The Five Mind-Myths of the Micro-Mobile Studio View It
Academy of Interactive Entertainment and Seattle Unity Users Group 2014 Habitat: The Pre-Post Mortem View Slides
Indie Game Con 2014 Habitat: Path To Success View It
MGF Seattle 2014 Panel: Crowdfunding Strategy
Delta-V Spacefest 2014 The Inspiration of the Impossible View It
GDC (Accepted Lecturer) 2015 Why Indies Need to Think Backwards to Move Forward View It
IGDA Leadership Summit 2015 Collective Creativity Workshop (w. Megan Gaiser)
Digipen Institute of Technology 2016 Selling Your Game (Senior Guest Lecture)
PAX West: Panel Discussion 2017 Giant Leaps: Space Exploration Past, Virtual, and Future

Published Articles

Title Date Publication Notes
Make a Game in 60 Minutes with XNA Game Studio February 2007 The Official Xbox 360 Handbook w/ Fernando Bueno
Unleash Your Imagination With XNA Game Studio Express May 2007 MSDN Magazine w/ Michael Klucher
Putting Games First: Developing Games for Windows Phone and Xbox LIVE Winter 2012 Casual Connect Magazine Pages 56-57

Personal / Academic Projects

Title Date Type Status
Level B4 1996 Online BBS CLOSED
Barney Strike 1996 Win 3.1 Klik n’ Play COMPLETED
Randy Driver 1996 Win 3.1 Klik n’ Play COMPLETED
Fire Away 1997 Win 3.1 Klik n’ Play COMPLETED
Oh, Chute! 1997 Win 3.1 Klik n’ Play COMPLETED
Capricorn Document 1999 PC Text Adventure COMPLETED
21 @ Casino Royale 1999 PC ASCII Card Game COMPLETED
Covert Ops Simulator 1999 PC Text Adventure COMPLETED
Squadron Blackops 2000 PC Action Game COMPLETED
Training Centre 2000 PC Shooting Gallery ALPHA
The Agency: Razor One 2001 PC ASCII Adventure ALPHA
Industry 2009 INFORM Text Adventure ALPHA
Text4Dead 2009 INFORM Text Adventure ALPHA
GLK Node.js for Interactive Fiction 2016 Node.js App PROTOTYPE

Fun Facts About Charles

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