Charles N. Cox

Digital Leader, Senior Manager, Certified Scaled Agile Consultant, Change Management, AWS Practitioner in Seattle, WA. Former game developer, designer, and educator; founder of indie studio 4gency. Flight sim junkie and student pilot who blogs at

Recent Roles

Sr. Engineering Manager - WarnerMedia

  • Leader of Delivery and Financial Insights for Direct-to-Consumer Technology.
  • Increasing capitalization and spend diligence, developing key delivery and organizational growth reporting.
  • Developing data pipelines and workflows using AWS.

Principal Tech. Program Manager - HBO ‘16-‘20

  • Shipped streaming video apps, managed a combined Engineer/PM/Writing team, developed Agile data culture and tools on AWS.
  • 1/4th of an EGOT: Won a 2016 Emmy for work on Westworld VR.

Founder and Studio Head - 4gency ‘11-‘16

  • Built an indie game studio, Kickstarter’d, shipped titles on Mobile and PC.
  • My 15 Minutes: Went full-time in ‘13, covered in an Aug ‘14 New York Times article on Early Access.
  • Learn more about our game here.

Senior Program Manager - Microsoft Xbox ‘10-‘13

  • Built game developer education programs for Xbox One, Windows 8, and Windows Phone.
  • Like a CEO Boot Camp: Ran a seven-person $1M “micro-studio” developing educational sample games and assets with developers in the US and Israel.

Full details on LinkedIn

Education and Certs

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Practitioner
  • University of Washington PCE Data Analytics Certificate
  • PROSCI Certified Change Practitioner
  • Scaled Agile Program Consultant 4.0
  • Digipen Institute of Tech. Associates of Science


  • Chair, Future Leaders Team @ Museum of Flight ‘17-‘21
  • Mentor, University Prep ‘20
  • Mentor, UW Informatics School ‘19
  • Judge, FIRST Robotics FTC & FRC ‘18
  • Entrepreneur Mentor and Judge, UW Foster School of Business ‘16

Code Projects

  • mlVidChopper / Python Auto-chop flight simulator videos into interesting highlights using Amazon Transcribe
  • TeamTrends / Python Jira-based SDPI scoring for teams, used to help gauge agile performance
  • SprintMiner / Python Jira-based sprint stats for teams, used to help gauge agile performance
  • glkNode / Javascript Connector between interactive fiction parsers and Slack, for Slack text adventures
  • Industry / INFORM7 Covert operations text adventure
  • Waterfront / Ruby Enterprise-ready engineering documentation system driven by GitHub markdown
  • Habitat / C# Unity PC real-time strategy game, available on Steam
  • Node.Hack / C# Unity IOS/Android arcade puzzle game
  • Beam Engine / C# Extensible visual editor system with LUA output, edit data file fields with no fear of syntax errors
  • IntelliDocs / C# Compile reference documentation into .DLLs consumable by Intellisense
  • DocsKPI / C# Suite of tools to monitor and score SDK documentation and sample code health
  • MDX Fanner / C# Auto-create Microsoft reference doc pages from managed code IDL manifests
  • CC Training Centre / C++ Arcade shooting game with a covert twist, DX7 graphics
  • SWAT3 Audio Converter / C++ Drag and drop conversion tool for in-game audio
  • The Agency: Razor One / C ANSI-based spy adventure, similar to BBS door games

Speaking Engagements

The 4gency Indie Days 2013-2017

  • PAX West: “Giant Leaps” Panel Discussion ‘17
  • Senior Guest Lecture @ Digipen Institute of Technology ‘16
  • GDC (Accepted Lecturer) ‘15
  • IGDA Leadership Summit ‘15
  • Habitat @ AIE and Seattle Unity Users Group ‘14
  • Habitat Keynote @ Indie Game Con ‘14
  • Panel: Crowdfunding Strategy @ MGF Seattle ‘14
  • Habitat @ Delta-V Spacefest ‘14
  • The Five Mind-Myths @ Casual Connect San Francisco ‘13

The Windows Phone Days 2011

  • Casual Connect Seattle
  • Microsoft Gamefest
  • Microsoft BUILD

The XNA Days 2007-2008

  • European Tour IE/IT/BE/FI/SE/AT/DK
  • University Workshops SU/WWU/WSU/OSU
  • Hands-On Labs @ GDC’07
  • AI Challenge @ GDC’08


So, are you a developer? Or a PM? Or what?

I was trained as an engineer. These days, I write code only if I have to – which isn’t infrequently.

I still don’t get it. Are you an engineer?


But PM’s aren’t supposed to write code!

I know. Don’t let it worry you too much.